Residential Roofing

Our Specialty for 25+ Years

At AMV Exterior Services, we specialize in residential roofing services. Residential roofing is our company’s primary focus. Because of this, we are able to provide exceptional workmanship in a manner that is both effective and efficient.


Our company values qualities such as virtue, honor, and integrity. By focusing on these qualities, we have been providing homeowners across Oklahoma with exceptional roofing services for many years.


Honor and integrity are of great importance to us at AMV Exterior Services. Because of this, we will never suggest or sell a service that isn’t necessary for the functionality or safety of your home. This provides homeowners with the peace-of-mind in knowing that they are making a wise investment into their home.

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    Residential Roofing Services

    Our team at AMV Exterior Services knows how important a sturdy roof is to the safety and structural integrity of your home. A well-maintained roof keeps you and your family safe. It also protects the investment you have made into your home. Because of this, it is crucial to ensure that the roof of your home is in the best condition possible.


    Led by owner Alec MacLean, at AMV Exterior Services, we provide high-quality workmanship, working hard to restore your roof to an optimal state. Whether your home requires an entire roof replacement or is simply in need of small repairs, we are ready to serve you.


    In addition to the high-quality roofing services we provide, at AMV Exterior Services, we work with you alongside your insurance company. By doing so, we ensure you are receiving the most out our your insurance claim. Working with a roofing company who understands insurance matters helps to reduce the stress surrounding your roof replacement. 


    Many insurance companies require that roofing repairs are done by a company that is registered through the Construction Industries Board with the State of Oklahoma. AMV Exterior Services is proud to serve our customers in this way. Running our business with honor and integrity is of great importance to Alec and our entire team at AMV Exterior Services.

    Roofing Warranties


    We take great pride in the quality of our roofs and the workmanship behind them. Because of this, we provide each customer with a warranty on their services. Customers who replace their entire roof are provided with a 5-year guarantee on workmanship. In a similar manner, homeowners who simply require partial roof repairs are provided with a 1-year guarantee on workmanship.


    Whether your roof is simply requiring a few small repairs, or you are needing to replace your roof, AMV Exterior Services is ready to provide you with the highest-quality roofing services available. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, you can be sure that the entire process will be handled professionally. 


    We are proud to offer complimentary roof inspections as well as free estimates. By maintaining your roof in this way, you can avoid a potentially stressful situation down the road. Contact AMV Exterior Services today for more information or to schedule your free roof inspection!


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