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At AMV Exterior Services, we maintain our dedication to the homeowners of the Tulsa area, providing them with homes that are structurally sound as well as aesthetically pleasing. Many times, it seems as if a home requires multiple repairs at once. Some of the common areas which become victim to normal wear and tear include roofing and siding. However, the exterior paint of a home is often compromised as well. 


In addition to the wear and tear which naturally occurs to any home over time, natural disasters, as well as severe weather, can play a part in the process. Because we believe your home should be beautiful and well-maintained, we offer a variety of residential exterior services. Although our primary focus is residential roofing, we also offer exterior painting services to our many customers.

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    Residential Exterior Painting Services

    We have been paving the way across Oklahoma, providing only the highest-quality workmanship for homeowners looking to improve the home in which they have invested. At AMV Exterior Services, one way we do so is by providing professional painting services for the exterior surfaces of homes. 


    Although a fresh coat of paint can greatly boost the aesthetic appeal of a home, it also provides additional benefits. Painting the exterior of your home as needed aids in protecting the structure of your home from moisture. This is especially important in areas that receive regular rain or snow.


    When moisture penetrates the structure of your home, it can lead to structural issues including mold or even rotting. At AMV Exterior Services, we believe that the paint on your home partners with a well-maintained roof. This duo keeps your investment in the best possible condition.

    Painting Professionals in Tulsa


    As exterior painting professionals in the Tulsa area, we continue to exceed the expectations of homeowners. By working in a way which promotes virtue, honor, and integrity, we have earned an excellent reputation. 


    Lead by owner Alec, we have more than 25 years of experience in the industry. Because of this, we are able to complete each project both effectively and efficiently. 


    In addition to this expertise, we also have the knowledge necessary to partner with homeowners’ insurance companies. This provides each customer with the knowledge that they are maximizing their insurance claim, something that can add unneeded stress to a large project.


    Protect your home and the people who reside within its walls by maintaining it as needed. Simple maintenance projects include things such as a fresh coat of exterior paint, new siding, and a brand-new roof. These projects go a long way in extending the investment you have made into your home.


    No matter the extent of the work needed to return your home to its original state, we are ready to serve you. We pride ourselves in providing honest work. Because of this, we will never suggest a service which is not beneficial or necessary for your situation. This integrity in service is hard to find in many companies.


    At AMV Exterior Services, we provide each of our customers with complimentary inspections as well as estimates. Learn how working with us at AMV Exterior Services can benefit your home. Call today to schedule your appointment! 


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